Promoting Your Online Glasses Store Via Blogging

2 January 2015

Blogging is one of the most effective methods of promoting your online optical store. When you create a blog article and post it on your website, you create new content on your own website. Search engines like new content and give your website more points, thus increase your website ranking. If your website ranks higher than others, it will show up on Google search more often, thus resulting in sales. So, when you post a blog article, think money! Each article will most definitely result in sales.

How often do I need to write blog articles?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Answer is, it depends. If your online optical store is brand new, no one knows about your website. There are thousands of online optical websites out there and you need to outrank them. They most likely lost cool already and don’t generate new content, so the more often you post a new blog article, the faster you will get first sales. 

Once your webstore gets known to Google, Google will frequently check it for new content. It will check it, in fact every day in the beginning. If there is a new content every day, Google will very fast lead you to first page. This is what we have been noticing here at LiveOptical – Google has changed its ranking strategy to how it ranks new websites. If before you would need to have thousands of blog articles to outrank other websites that have thousands of blog articles, today you need to work harder in the beginning to outrank them. Google no longer expects you have same amount of content as others, but it wants to show a good (in its own opinion) new websites to users. So, we recommend:

In the first month – post one article every day

In the second month – post one article every other day

In the third month – post one article every three days

In the fourth month and on – post one article every week

How long does it take to write a news article?

An article can be as short as two paragraphs and one picture. It may take you only 20 minutes. As you get better, in 20 minutes you can deliver an essay. LiveOptical newsletter feature is so easy to use that you will really be spending 99% of your time writing the article. Unlike worpress when you need to click on 10 buttons just to get to New Post, with LiveOptical you will click on New Article, pick a date and just write.

Where to write articles?

Our answer is – on your own LiveOptical web store. You might have heard of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr. These are the most popular blogging websites. Until last two years these blogging services were used as the major way of generating backlinks to their website. Any link from was treated as PR1 link and SEO professionals quickly figured that all they need to write blogs and exchange links. This lead to major abuse of the practice, and even emerging of such websites as MyBlogGuest and other blog exchanging communities. This backfired big when Google did Panda and Penguin update to their ranking algorithm. Google made it clear to everyone that only good quality content created to educate, entertain or inform the user will be taken as serious and as such to give you points for ranking. Posting blog articles to your own LiveOptical webstore will guarantee it’s best use. Also:

-       Using LiveOptical blogging (we call them news, because this is what it should be!) is very easy. Much easier than WordPress or Blogger.

-       You can take it a step further and send a newsletter with this new article to your customers and newsletter subscribers, thus actively promote your online optical

-       You can share the new article on social media with one click of the button

-       All news articles will be posted directly to your webstore giving your online optical more credibility

What to write about?

It may not seem so, but there is plenty to write about. When your online optical web store is brand new, you will have literally hundreds of ideas from the get go. Here are some topics:

Education. Since you are licensed optician or optometrist you are a baggage of knowledge. Any simple medical term can be turned into the article. What is PD? What is UV? How harmful is UV? What are the types of prescription lenses? What is astigmatism? If you read any industry magazines, you can literally rewrite their articles in your own words and post it to your news page.

New collections. When you use LiveOptical you will get new eyeglasses models uploaded to your online optical store every month. You can simply write about new models, post pictures of your favorite eyeglasses frames or sunglasses and give your opinion. You can describe your favorite sunglasses for example, what material it’s made of, what is the shape, who it will suit the most and which style it will match. Hundred of new eyeglasses in your database – hundred of new article ideas.

Fashion. Since eyeglasses are fashion item, you can write about the brands and their news. Each descent brand has their own website, such as Prada, Gucci, Dior etc. Every month they post new videos and news about their events and new releases. Their news sections will be your resources for ideas.

We recommend to mix these three topics, or perhaps you may come up with another topic (Industry News, Health, Well Being etc). Mixing will make your news section more vibrant and interesting to read. Google will favor the richness of your content and ultimately give your articles even higher ranking.