What Domain Should I Choose For LiveOptical Store

18 January 2015

Domain name is a name of your website that is part of the address of your webstore. For example http://www.liveoptical.com is a complete web address of LiveOptical website. Domain name is liveopitcal.com (without http://www.)

LiveOptical eCommerce platform offers numerous configurations for many different business cases. Whether you want to run an online store as a retail or wholesale operation or you want to transform your own website to a sleeker, more robust web application to showcase your products, LiveOptical can be configured in a few minutes and reconfigured later if your business goals or business case changes.

At LiveOptical we offer you three options for the domain:

  1. A sub-domain of liveoptical.com. It can be store1000.liveoptical.com or it can be any word, ex. frankglasses.liveoptical.com.
  2. A sub-domain of your own domain if you have one. Ex. store.fraksglasses.com
  3. A unique domain name Ex. eyewearbystella.com

Which option to choose will depend on your goal. If you are just want to try and see how LiveOptical glasses store will look and learn about our technology, the first option might be good. It would also be good if you don’t already have a website for your eyeglasses store or don’t want to use it for online business.

Your own sub-domain would be a great option if you plan to advertise your online optical to your existing clients. They already know about your website and if you tell them they can buy from the same website, you will get a fair amount of traffic by telling them. Also, Google knows your own website, which may have been around for some years, and will rank your newly opened optical higher than those opened under a newly registered domain. If you decided to go this route, even better option would be to put your LiveOptical website under the core of domain, www.franksoptical.com and move the content of all other pages currently there to static pages, ex. www.franksoptical.com/aboutus.html

Most of optical store websites are very simple, 4-5 pages each. All those pages never change. Most of our client websites are very outdated by design. Since you are getting a beautifully designed website from LiveOptical, you might as well use it as a core for your entire website.

LiveOptical platform can be used to showcase the online catalog to your clients. Some of our customers don’t enable the shopping cart feature and don’t do any online sales. They just use LiveOptical as information service for their clients. LiveOptical is very Social Media friendly and makes it easy to enhance your Facebook and Twitter profiles with cool content about new eyeglasses releases and industry news.

The third option, a unique domain name is a very popular among our clients. Many optical stores don’t have a website yet or a domain they own is not good. Not good domain name would be a domain that is too long, duplicative to other domain names that are also selling eyeglasses or .uk, .ca domain names that are geographically limiting. We have an entire article about criteria for good domain names.

The third option, a unique domain name, would be suitable for those clients, who don’t necessarily want to associate the online store it with the walk-in practice. They want to run an online store separately from their walk-in practice. Why would anyone do that? For example the optical store has an unequal partnership and partners couldn’t agree on splitting the profits from the online store. One of them will open an LiveOptical website and run it separately. Sometimes each partner will have their own LiveOptical webstore. There are many scenarios.

Unique domain name is useful if you want to sell your own in-house brand name of eyeglasses. LiveOptical platform is suitable for both retail and wholesale. You can even have both retail and wholesale operations with a single LiveOptical web store.