Promoting Your Online Glasses Store Via Coupons

13 January 2015

When you use LiveOptical software to sell glasses online you will have an access to coupons feature that will make your online glasses store more fun to use and easy to promote.

Use of coupons are the most popular web store promotion techniques and some big websites, like issue a few new coupons every day. They want to make their websites more fun to use, but most importantly they want to create new content around their website to generate it constant buzz. Google loves when a website has new coupons because it is an indication that your company is currently in business and that you are doing promotions outside of Google. It is ironic, but Google gives rank points to websites that do their own “white hat”, honest promotions outside of just using Google ads or Facebook ads. 

Coupons are free to issue. They are free to remove and free to advertize. There are many coupon directories such as ReadFlagDeals, where you can post your coupon for free. Every time you post a coupon on one of these websites you will be getting a linkback to your website, thus increasing your Google rank even further. For a fresh eyeglasses store, coupons are one of the best way to advertise for free.

What a coupon should have?

A coupon should have a coupon code, a start and end date and terms of use. On LiveOptical you can create a coupon and make it active starting same day or later. You can run it indefinitely or get it expire after certain days. The coupon code can be any alphanumeric word. The terms and conditions are flexible. You can give a fixed dollar or % discount on all purchases or only when people buy more than one pair. You can remove shipping fees and even limit a use of coupon per each customer and per location. LiveOptical coupon capabilities are quite robust and easy to use.

You should browse some of the major competitor websites to see how they use coupons. You will see that most of the time it is a limited time offer and either dollar or % discount for certain brands. Since eyeglasses are expensive products and price vary from just under a hundred dollars to a few hundred % discount may not always be a good idea. Do your math before launching a coupon.

What should you do after you created a coupon?

You need to tell people that you have a coupon. When you create a coupon on LiveOptical you simply tell LiveOptical software that you want to use the coupon. But other than you and LiveOptical no one knows about it. So you should immediately create a static page on your website and post the coupon code and terms of use there. Then you should share this static page on social media, hopefully you will have Facebook page and a Twitter page. After you would go to coupon directories, create your company profile and post a coupon there.

How often should you create a new coupon?

As often as possible. The more frequently you create a coupon, the more new content you would have for Google. In the beginning you should have one new coupon every week. Just expire the old coupon and create a new one. No one would use it in the beginning, but it does not matter. What matters that you have new content. But as you will getting busy with your growing online sales and walk-in practice, one coupon per month should be enough from then on.