Transform your current optical store website with LiveOptical Non-Shopping Cart Solution

16 April 2015

Do you find your current website is outdated? Has it been 7-15 years since you launched your optical store website? Whether you want to sell glasses online business or not, LiveOptical platform can be used to transform your current optical website to the standards of present and future. Trash your old website and get a sleek new beautiful website in a matter of a few hours. Anything is better than keeping your old ugly website that not only does not bring you good business, it discredits your company!

If you are not ready to sell online yet, you can use LiveOptical non-shopping cart solution to host your current website according to current standards. One day when you want to start selling eyeglasses online, and we can guarantee that this day will come in the next 5 years, you can then enable the shopping cart features on your LiveOptical website and be ready to go in no time. By then Google will already know about your web store and will give you heads up in search ranking over those who just opened.

Static Vs Dynamic

LiveOptical platform in fact is often used to host the main site of an optical boutique. Your current website may have 3-5 pages. About Us, Our Location, Our Brands, Our Staff and Book an appointment at the most. This is called a Static Website. Static means does not change. But times have moved on and there were so many changes that a static website is no longer considered serious. Serious companies have what is called Dynamic Website. Dynamic means one that changes. Ask yourself why did you even have a website? To attract traffic to your store. You hoped that when people search in Google “Eyeglasses in Toronto” they will find your website. And 15 years ago may be they did. If you haven’t updated your website a few months ago, chances are that Google won’t even show your website to even those people who type the name of your company ex. George’s Optical. Why is that?

In the last 3 years Google has dramatically changed their algorithm and started to favor the websites that:

-       Have new content often

-       Have a lot of information about their business

-       Have social media presence

-       Have customer interaction capabilities

-       Have a lot of pictures

-       Other reasons

New technologies became increasingly popular, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other custom niche platforms for specific industry like LiveOptical. These systems are called CMS (Content Management Systems) and offer all the above capabilities. Content Management means that these systems have a dashboard on the backend that allows the site owner to change content without knowledge of programming or design. To create a new page for example, say Our Services, all you need is to login, just like to your e-mail, an click a button Create a New Page. Then type in the content, upload a picture and click Publish. Woila, the page will pop on your website. Then, you should be able to share this page on your Facebook account or e-mail to newsletter subscribers.

LiveOptical goes well beyond standard Wordpress or Joomla. LiveOptical allows you to actually invite people to subscribe to your Newsletter and manage your newsletters from the dashboard.

LiveOptical also allows to publish News articles, similar to Wordpress. LiveOptical is optimized to commercial stores, so news articles will not interfere with your main content, they will look complimentary to your main content.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest + 100 other social media websites is a matter of one click.

LiveOptical has a dynamic Contact Us page where people can type questions directly vs. old fashioned way of looking for an e-mail address to type you a message.

You can also show the brands catalog on your LiveOptical website without prices. Instead of searching elsewhere online, your customers can look at your website that will be frequently updated by LiveOptical. Once you enable the catalog without prices, you will be getting inquiries from new customers about how to buy and learning about your store. Eventually you can turn on the shopping cart and start selling, only when you are ready.